Paintings - Figurative

Looking Back   30x30  Available 

Inferno  30x48  Available

The Message  30x30   In private collection
(Giclee available) 

Emergence 36x36  Available

Leda  30x30  In private collection

Nude on Green 39x30 Unavailable

Homage to Joan Brown  24x24  Available
The Dog Walker  24x36 Available
Early Morning Baker  30x30  Available
Busy Busboy  30x48  In private collection

Bartender 1  48x30  Available
Flambèe  36x24  Available
Garnishing  30x24  In private collection
Sous Chef  20x24 Available
Pastry Chef  22x28  Available
Joy of Cooking  30x30  Available
Dances with Wolves  36x36 Available
Through a Glass Darkly  24x30  Available
V"s Wedding Cake  30x24 In Private collection

Laugh Often  36x24  Available
The Lovers  36x24  Unavailable